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Welcome to Optymyzd, the premier provider of innovative and holistic Sports Performance Medicine. We specialize in providing non-traditional Physiotherapy and Medical Show coverage to the elite athletes who demand the highest level of care. Our team of professionals is dedicated to an artist-centered mindset, focusing on injury prevention, performance enhancement, and appropriate personnel and case management. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, we are proud to offer our clients the latest techniques and technologies to help them achieve their goals. Discover the Optymyzd difference today!

Head Massage


At Optymyzd, we specialize in taking athletes to the next level. Our approach focuses on utilizing new advancements in performance medicine to help our clients achieve peak potential while also developing a comprehensive injury prevention plan of care. Every athlete is unique, which is why we offer personalized collaboration, personnel and case management, and performance enhancement training.


At Optymyzd, we believe that peak performance in any work environment requires a holistic, integrated approach. We help individuals and teams achieve their maximum potential by providing innovative solutions that improve biomechanics, promote holistic health and translate current research into actionable steps. 

Cupping Therapy
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