Invictus was born from a desire to bring two worlds together - The world of Sports and the world of Medicine. As a former collegiate athlete I had a very personal relationship with how the human body responded to the physical demands of the world of sports. It wasn't until I enrolled in my first anatomy course that my brain just lit up with excitement. I had found it - what I was meant to do. I had found a way that the two worlds I had learned to love could intertwine; Sports and Medicine = Sports Medicine. 


It was from that point forward that I began dedicating my time, energy and many sleepless nights to my education in the exciting world of Sports Medicine. Learning the "why-you-can" and "why-you-cannot" and learned to apply it towards individual athletes in various sports. After completing my Bachelors of Science I eagerly awaited the date of my future graduation with my Masters as I could not wait to get into this new and exciting career. I packed my bags one summer and headed for Salt Lake City, Utah - where I had applied for an internship with the Major League Soccer Team REAL Salt Lake FC. The moment I stepped on that field with that team...I was hooked! I decided at that moment I was going to work with the world's top athletes and make them better. 


After Salt Lake City, my professional career started as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Athletic Trainer within the Baltimore Orioles Professional Baseball Organization. Working closely with not only the athletes but the rest of the performance staff, I was able to gather more and more knowledge of the world of professional sports, the athlete and my own clinical skills. 

With the ultimate goal of working with the worlds "top athletes" I had to make a choice; Do I stay where I am? or Do I venture off and explore? Naturally exploration won. I was off to see the world, and The United States Olympic Luge Team would take me to see it. Suddenly I was thrust into the intense, strange and exciting world of International World Cup Competitions. I was traveling to 15 countries in 14 weeks with 20 athletes and a mobile medical clinic. I spoke no other languages, knew little about the inner workings of other cultures, but I loved it! It challenged me in every way possible and I thrived off that pressure. Over the years I was able to continue my work with various Olympic Teams, continuing my travels and interacting and learning from the medical staff of various nations. I wanted to learn their approach to the same injury, learn how they worked through the problem and learn their techniques. I was a sponge, hoping to translate this knowledge to my own practice and increase the effectiveness of my treatments. 


In total I spent 6 years within the International Olympic movement, two years within the Baltimore Orioles organization and one season with Real Salt Lake-FC, and I have taken a piece of each with me along the way. Armed with an eclectic set of skills and knowledge of alternate settings within the Sports Medicine profession, I set out to find the next evolution of my practice. Here is where I find myself today. Las Vegas is now home, I completed my Clinical Doctorate in Osteopathic Manual Medicine (DO Spain) and have embarked on the next journey: Invicitus. 


Invictus culturally is known as the empowering poem by William Earnest Henley. The word 'Invictus' latin for unconquered , evokes fortitude in the face of adversity. Asking you to look within yourself for the strength in times of struggle. Mr. Henley said it best "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul". I want each of my clients to feel they have taken control of their body again. To gain the skills and knowledge to continue their wellness, fitness or rehab goals