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Sophie Kate


Models Inc

7540 Dean Martin Dr. Las Vegas, NV USA 89141


Osteopathic Manual Therapy Education

National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)

Certified Osteopathic Manual Practitioner?


I’ve had the opportunity to work with the world’s top Olympic and national team athletes, as a former Performance Medicine healthcare provider with the USA Olympic Committee Medical provider program, with various Professional, National and International Sports. I have a Clinical Doctorate in Osteopathic Manual Therapy (Spain), Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Professional and Performance Enhancement Specialist. My career as an Athletic Therapist/Athletic Trainer/Performance Enhancement Therapist has been modeled behind the idea of “If I can make an Olympic Athlete 2% better at their sport, they might be an Olympic Medalist or better… an Olympic Champion.” I had the privilege to be part of the United States Olympic medical provider program over the span of 3 Olympic games. My time with these World Class Athletes helped facilitated my multifaceted approach to health and wellness within the Sports Performance Medicine setting. I look forward to the next adventure of aiding the general population in their fitness, health and wellness goals. I believe in educating clients on how to correct the underlying dysfunction by fusing Osteopathic manual therapy, corrective exercise, education, example and most importantly consistency into their daily lives. By freeing the body of any and all subluxations, dysfunctions, and pain - the mind and body are able to focus on performing at peak potential.

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